SIP Registration Form
[ व्यवस्थित लगानी योजना दर्ता फारम ]

Scheme Objective:

The primary objective of the “NIBL Sahabhagita Fund” is to explore and establish open ended Mutual Fund in Nepalese Capital Market and provide investors’ with alternative investment instrument across the country with ease of investment and liquidity. This scheme also encourages the conversion of savings into investments regularly for long period of time.

Scheme Briefings:

Name of Mutual Fund NIBL Mutual Fund
Scheme Name NIBL Sahabhagita Fund
Approved Size of Scheme NPR. 3 Billion (Scheme Size will be extended accordingly)
Seed Capital NPR. 450 Million (15% of NPR. 2 Billion)
New Fund Offer (NFO) NPR. 125 Million
Par Value per Unit Rs. 10 per unit
Approval Date 09/01/2076 BS (22/04/2019 AD)
Allotment Date 24/03/2076 BS (09/07/2019 AD)
Tradable Price Applicable NAV determined by Fund Manager on daily basis.
Listing of units The units are not listed in any stock exchange; the trading is facilitated by the fund manager through various distribution outlets.
Charges applicable to the scheme
Fund Management
Depository Fees
Fund Supervisor's fee
1.25% of applicable NAV
0.2% of applicable NAV
0.12% of applicable NAV
Charges Applicable to the Investor
Entry Load
Exit Load
1.5% of applicable NAV within 6 months of purchase
1.25% of applicable NAV within 6-12 months of purchase
1% of applicable NAV within 12-18 months of purchase
0.75% of applicable NAV within 18-24 months of purchase
Dividend History FY 2076/77 (8.25%)
FY 2077/78 (50%)
FY 2078/79 (7.2%)
FY 2079/80 (4%)
Options Available for Investment Systematic Investment Plan (SIPs)
Return Re-investment Plan (DReP)
Systematic Withdrawal Pan (SWPs)

Disclaimer: Mutual Funds are subject to market risks. Please read scheme related documents carefully before investing.

  • I/we hereby declare that I/we am/are applying with the above mentioned details to purchase the units of the scheme only after carefully reading the prospectus/scheme related documents published by the Fund Manager and completely understanding the risk associated with it. म / हामी घोषणा गर्दैछु/गर्दछौं कि योजना व्यवस्थापकले जारी गरेको योजनासंग सम्बन्धित विवरण पुस्तिका लगायत कागजातहरुको ध्यानपूर्वक अध्ययन गरी यससंग सम्बन्धित जोखीम समेत राम्ररी बुझेको छु/छौं र योजनाको माथि उल्लेखित एकाईहरु खरिद गर्न आवेदन दिएको छु/छौं ।
  • I/we hereby declare that the information provided in my/our beneficial owner account completely resembles with my/our personal information and agree that the information in aforementioned BOID in this application form can be used for KYC purpose. यस आवेदनमा उल्लेख गरिएको हितग्राही खातामा रहेको मेरो व्यक्तिगत विवरणहरु फरक नपर्नेगरी दिएको हुनाले सो विवरण नै यस आवेदनको ग्राहक परिचय प्रयोजनका लागि प्रयोग गर्नुभएमा समेत मेरो पूर्ण मञजुरी रहेकोछ ।
  • Source of Fund (for NPR 1 Million and above) आयको श्रोत (रु. १० लाख र सो भन्दा बढीको लागी):
    I/we hereby declare that the deposited amount to purchase the units is received from following legitimate source of fund and is not intended for money laundering and/or terrorist financing. म/हामी घोषणा गर्दैछु/गर्दछौं कि इकाईहरू खरीद गर्न भुक्तान गरिएको रकम तल उल्लेखित बैधानिक स्रोतद्वारा प्राप्त गरिएको र यो सम्पत्ति शुद्धिकरण वा आतंकवादी कार्यमा लगानीको आशयले गरिएको होइन् ।
Disclaimer: Mutual Funds are subject to market risks. Please read scheme related documents carefully before investing