Synopsis of NIBL Sahabhagita Fund

An Open Ended Mutual Fund under NIBL Mutual Fund

'NIBL Sahabhagita Fund' has been designed under NIBL Mutual Fund as the first ever Open Ended Mutual Fund Scheme as per the Mutual Fund Regulations, 2067 and Mutual Fund Guidelines, 2069.

  • Fund Sponsor: Nepal Investment Mega Bank Limited
  • Fund Manager and Depository: NIMB Ace Capital Limited

Fund Supervisors

S.N Name Experiences
1 Dr. Bimal Prasad Koirala PHD in economics with more than 30 years of experience in various government administration, industries and economic sector.
2 Dr. Shambhu Ram Simkhada PHD International relation with more than 29 years of experience in various national and international organizations.
3 Dr. Durgesh Man Singh PHD in Economics and expert in financial and political sector.
4 Mr. Jitendra BahadurRajbhandary, FCA Chartered accountants with more than 38 years of experience in the field of auditing.
5 Mr. Raju Nepal Professional experience in banking sector of more than 20 years.

Scheme Briefings

Name of Mutual Fund NIBL Mutual Fund
Scheme Name NIBL Sahabhagita Fund
Approved Size of Scheme NPR. 3 Billion (Scheme Size will be extended accordingly)
Seed Capital NPR. 450 Million (15% of NPR. 3 Billion)
New Fund Offer (NFO) NPR. 125 Million
Par Value per Unit Rs. 10 per unit
Approval Date 09/01/2076 BS (22/04/2019 AD)
Allotment Date 24/03/2076 BS (09/07/2019 AD)
Tradable Price Applicable NAV determined by Fund Manager on daily basis.
Listing of units The units are not listed in any stock exchange; the trading is facilitated by the fund manager through various distribution outlets.
Charges applicable to the scheme
Fund Management
Depository Fees
Fund Supervisor's fee
1.25% of applicable NAV
0.2% of applicable NAV
0.12% of applicable NAV
Charges Applicable to the Investor

Entry Load
Exit Load
(Applicable NAV)

1.5%       within 6 months of purchase
1.25%     within 6-12 months of purchase
1%          within 12-18 months of purchase
0.75%    within 18-24 months of purchase
None after 24 months of purchase
Dividend History

FY 2076/77 (8.25%)
FY 2077/78 (50%)
FY 2078/79 (7.2%)
FY 2079/80 (4%)  

Options Available for Investment Systematic Investment Plan (SIPs)
Return Re-investment Plan (DReP)
Systematic Withdrawal Pan (SWPs)

Fees/Charges Applicable to Investors

Entry Load on purchase of units: None
Exit Load on sale of units :
  • 1.5% of applicable NAV within 6 months of purchase
  • 1.25% of applicable NAV within 6-12 months of purchase
  • 1% of applicable NAV within 12-18 months of purchase
  • 0.75% of applicable NAV within 18-24 months of purchase
No exit load to be levied after 2 years of purchase
DP Fee: NPR. 5 per Transaction
SEBON Fee: None
Options Available: Systematic Investment Plan (SIPs), Dividend Re-investment Plan (DReP), Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWPs)

Dividend Payout History

Fiscal Year Cash Dividend
2076/77 8.25%
2077/78 50%
2078/79 7.20%

Area of investment

  • Bond and Debentures
  • Public Offerings (IPO, FPO, Right Shares etc.)
  • Listed securities that are registered with SEBON
  • Bank Deposits
  • Other sectors/areas prescribed by SEBON
Right of Unit holders:

The unit holders shall have rights as provided in the prevailing acts/regulations/rules. However, the voting rights on investment made by the fund will rest on the discretion of fund Manager.

*Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks. Please read the offer document carefully before investing.